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Scar Treatment - MCA -

MCA or "multi tropanic collagen actuation", also known as "dry needling", is a form of dermopigmentation that mechanically produces a small trauma to the skin and stimulates its self-repair. especially of scars, wrinkles and burns.
The main purpose of this treatment is to promote blood supply and melanin to obtain:
• Stimulation and re-pigmentation of scars, burns, stretch marks
• Stimulation to soften tissues and also improve the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars.

The trauma caused to the skin is mechanical and mild, but it is sufficient to cause a reaction of fibroblasts that, produce elastin and fibrin, as well as attracting the pigmentation of the area treated through the production of melanin.
Can you perform needling on a laser-treated area?
Absolutely NO.
For the purpose of successful treatment, it is imperative to carefully choose candidates, making sure that the skin is healthy, strong and there are no contraindications, such as the presence of hyperpigmentation, keloids or recent injuries (less than 6 months).
In addition, if the purpose is to re-pigment a specific area, it is important that the skin has a sufficient amount of melanin available and therefore, that the subject is at least a phototype 3.
This treatment is very effective in improving the symptoms and visual appearance, but it does not eliminate the cause. Treatments should be carried out in several sessions and to obtain visible results at least 3 treatments are required.

• white and flat scars, both traumatic and surgical in nature
• Burn scars
• scars from acne or chickenpox
• stretch marks
• wrinkles of the face of various kinds

Many skin wounds are superficial, affect the epidermis layer and heal normally without leaving traces. In the case of scars, however, the wounds are deeper because the dermis has been damaged. The greater the damage caused, the worse the scar outcome will be. The way the skin heals depends on various factors, including the nature and severity of the wound, its localization, the age of the subject and genetic predisposition.
For a wound to heal, it is imperative that the body produces elastic and collagen. These fibers promote regrowth and reproduction of fabric that differs from normal skin in texture and color. This fabric is also called cicatricial and is usually functionally and qualitatively inferior, it is less resistant to UV rays and does not contain either sweat glands, nor hair bulbs.
In most cases the scars are flat and white. Redness, which often accompanies a wound, is usually temporary and does not always leave a scar. The healing times are subjective and can vary from a few days to a few years and depend on the factors mentioned above.
What are the scars that can not be treated?
The keloid and the hypertrophic.


They are characterized by excessive collagen production and are more common in burn wounds and in subjects of phototype 1. Usually they itch, are reddish in color and stand out from keloid scars to remain confined to their own borders.
Hypertrophic scars develop within a few weeks after the accident and take 2-3 years to become flat and white

Keloid scars - CAN NEVER BE TREATED -

Even keloid scars are characterized by excessive production of collagen and fibrous scar tissue, but unlike hypertrophic scars, they are also characterized by excessive production of collagen and fibrous scar tissue, but unlike hypertrophic scars. this hyperproduction extends beyond the boundaries of the original wound. They are not flat and have a lumpy appearance and I produce. These tripods scars can develop at any age and are more common in young people and in subjects of phototype 6. They have an infinite growth capacity and are often caused by surgical or piercing wounds.


They are small depressions caused by a disruption of the healing process of the skin. Examples are scars sunken by acne or chickenpox.

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